Evaluation Question Six

​​​ ​Well, lets talk about as a group how well our thriller opening turned out to be. I believe it turned out better than we were expected and this is because we had to do a preliminary task before we started to actually film our thriller opening. This preliminary task was about filming two characters […]

Evaluation Question4:

Evaluation Question 4(click here to see full document) From receiving this audience feedback from an audience that are similar ages to us it makes it easier for us to relate to them and for them to relate to the opening thriller. I found this audience feedback really effective because they gave us positive feedback which […]

Thriller presentation: (Research)

Thriller blog(click here to see full document) Background information on the key stars of Thriller: Leonardo Dicaprio: he was born in in Hollywood on November 11th 1974. His mother started him with a TV agency from a very early age so he had started playing on TV. He was also awarded for the most young artist […]